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The Department of Human and Regional Geography was established in 1970. Urban Geography, Economic Geography and Regional Geography are the main fields of the teaching programme and of scientific research with special emphasis on Germany, the EU and the post socialist countries in transition.
All the courses are primarily aimed at Diploma students of Applied Geography, but of course they can be attended by Magister Artium and Teacher students as well.


housing developments of different eras collide in Hungary


The main aim of the teaching programme is to impart a broad knowledge of basic topics and interrelations in the fields of Human geography mentioned above. Special attention is given to recent processes and pro-blems in national economies and in urban areas, with relevance to planning at different scales. This concerns particularly the courses offered to students after their pre-diploma.

The following lectures and seminars are offered regularly in the course of two academic years.


· Urban Geography
· Economic Geography
· Regional Geography of Germany
· Regional Geography of East Central Europe

Seminars (undergraduate studies)

· Urban Geography
· Economic Geography
· Rural Geography
· Population Geography
· Empirical Methods in Human Geography

Seminars (graduate studies)

· Processes of the retail trade in the 21st century
· Contemporary problems of urban housing markets
· Globalisation and new information technology and the repercussions on economy, society and spatial structural change

The main topics of the current research projects are

· Segregation and social sustainability in urban housing markets
· Lifestyle, leisure and recent changes in the retail trade
· Foreign direct investment and economic recovery in East Central Europe
· Structural change and sustainable development in rural areas in Europe

For any further information about the Human and Regional Geography please contact

Head of Department
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Sailer
+49 (0)651 201-4537

Dr. Michael Plattner
+49 (0)651 201-4538

Dipl.-Geogr. Hanna Sommer
+49 (0)651 201-4536

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