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The City of Trier at a glance

Trier, the capital of the Trier Region (District Administration), is a Cathedral city with nearly 100,000 inhabitants. It is a cultural and economic centre of the region and the neighbouring foreign regions of Luxembourg, Belgium and France.

Trier is only 10 km away from the Luxembourg border, 50 km from the French and 65 km from the Belgian border. This proximity allows one to visit these countries easily and vice versa - which gives Trier an international atmosphere.

For recreational opportunities, Trier offers university-related activities, a stadium, sports grounds, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, squash and badminton facilities, tennis courts, jogging tracks, parks, woods, rivers, lakes, biking and hiking paths.The many concerts of classical and modern music, local festivals, markets, fairs and, of course, wine bars also add to Trier´s unique cultural flair.

For more information about the City of Trier please take a look at the official website of the municipalty.


Porta Nigra landmark of the city