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From 1996, Prof. Dr. Ingo Eberle has lead the department of economic and social geography.
The teaching and research of the department cover all aspects of human geography and are offered in lectures, undergraduate and graduate classes, research classes and field trips. The department of economic and social geography offers a specialist course of studies of its own but it is an important element of all curricula in the Geography faculty at the University of Trier (for M.A. and Diploma students as well as for the ones who want to become teachers) as it introduces students to basic geographical knowledge.
The focal point of applied geography lies in the areas of tourism and planning. In special research classes, students are taught geographical methods that equip them for a wide range of jobs.
In addition, it is possible to continue in the Ph.D. Program or to work in the field of "Canadian studies".


Our focal points of research

· cultural heritage in the landscape: identification, inventory, preservation and future
· organisation, particularly industrial and military heritage
· preservation of cultural landscapes for tourism
· development and planning of leisure and tourist regions
· structural changes and sustainable development of rural areas
· perception geography
· sustainable city and regional traffic
· possibilities for public transportation and cycling in leisure time

Regional focus points
· Canada
· Caribbean
· Egypt
· Great Britain
· France
· European region of SaarLorLux

Our teaching programme (extract)

· human geography
· population geography
· social geography
· geography of settlements, rural areas
· regional geography

Undergraduate classes
· agricultural geography
· population geography
· urban geography
· political geography
· historical geography
· geography of rural areas

Graduate classes

These classes go hand in hand with our research and work focal points:

· France - problems with its settlement, economic and traffic structure
· border regions and transnational cooperation in Europe: chance or frustration?
· resources and lifestyles in Northern countries

Field trips

undergraduate level (one week), e.g.
· Paris and Isle-of-France
· Western Germany and border regions
· from Rhineland-Palatinate to Burgundy

graduate level (at least two weeks), e.g.
· Western Europe
· Eastern Canada
· Metropolis: Paris and London

short field trips (1-3 days)
(undergraduate and graduate level)
· Palatinate
· Lorraine
· Saar
· Eifel
· Luxembourg
· Belgium
· Walking tour through Trier
· Biking along Moselle and Saar

Head of Department
Prof. Dr. Ingo Eberle
+49 (0)651 201-4583

Anja Reichert
+49 (0)651 201-4584

Gundula Scholz, M.A.
+49 (0)651 201-4546

Steffi Basten
+49 (0)651 201-4585
fax: +49 (0)49 651 201-3814

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