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European Credit Transfer System

Every semester we are offering a wide range of lectures, courses, seminars, research projects, field courses, excursions, etc. The following list is a guideline to help you understand the different types of courses and their corresponding „value“ in the ECTS.

The types of courses are written in German with the English translation in brackets.


The Campus park behind the mensa on the main campus

Type of Course  Credits 
Eintages-Exkursion (one day field trip
Einwöchige Exkursion (one week field trip
Einwöchiges Gelände-/Grundpraktikum (one week field course
Übung (course dealing with specialized topics in Geography and Geosciences; LN*) 
Oberseminar (graduate seminar 10 
Projektstudie (research project, one semester 10 
Forschungspraktikum (research project, two semesters 20 
any one course earning a LN* plus any additional course/lecture 
any one course earning an eLN* plus any additional course/lecture 
any two courses earning an eLN* 


*) LN = Leistungsnachweis (proof of comprehension and acquired skills with full exam)
eLN = einfacher Leistungsnachweis (same as above, but simplified exam)